Type of Project: Subdivision

Beaumont, CA

Project in Beaumont, CA consisted of 560 acres with 2,500 lots and 10,800,000 CY of grading. At peak operations, the daily volume of dirt moved was 150,000 CY.

Chino CA - Pardee Homes

Chino, CA

100 Acre project with Pardee Homes in Chino, CA consisted of approximately 1,000,000 CY of over-excavation and 1,500,000 CY of mass-excavation.

Granada Hills CA K. Hovnanian Companies

Granada Hills, CA

Project with K. Hovnanian Companies in Granada Hills, CA consisted of 1,000,000 CY of canyon removals and 1,500,000 CY of mass excavation.

Moreno Valley CA - Empire Land

Moreno Valley, CA

Project with Empire Land  in Moreno Valley, CA consisted of 2,600,000 CY of onsite grading, buttressing, and 200,000 CY of import. At peak production as much as 1500 loads per day.

Hemet CA - K. Hovnanian Companies

Hemet, CA

Project with K. Hovnanian Companies in Hemet, CA consisted of a 1,100 Unit Retirement Community 800,000 CY around a golf course. Required some blasting and rock removal.